Terms and Conditions of Service

(Please note that the Terms and Conditions of Service may change without prior warning. It is up to the commissioner(s) to stay up-to-date. Ignorance of the Terms and Conditions of Service is not the fault of the artist and is not considered a valid excuse for unbecoming behavior.)

The following Terms and Conditions of Service apply to all products provided (i.e. commissions, YCHs, art trades, requests, and other artistic endeavors) by Artist.

  • All work is carried out by Artist on the understanding that the client has agreed to Artist’s terms and conditions of service.
  • Copyright is retained by Artist on all art unless specifically released in writing and after all costs have been settled. The commissioner(s) may repost the requisite art, provided proper credit is included. Permission is required from the artist for other instances (if granted, proper credit must be included!).
  • Furthermore, unless otherwise given explicit permission, art produced/sold for monetary gain by others is not allowed.
  • Without explicit permission, modifying art is not allowed.
  • Artist retains the right to deny service for all art products and services.

Art Products

For commissions (including YCHs, auctions, and other paid art products)

Commissioner(s) will notify Artist with a proposal.
Upon acceptance of the proposal, Artist will provide the commissioner with a price estimate that will either be accepted or denied. If the former, payment is expected upfront via paypal, google wallet, or in person.
Upon the receiving of payment, the proposal will be placed within Artist’s schedule. If the estimate is denied, either the proposal will be subsequently denied or a secondary estimate will be provided, depending on the proposal. And so on.
Work will not begin until payment has been received.

Estimated product completion times will be provided to the commissioner(s) upon payment, with most commission work completed within a week. This, however, is subject to change, dependent on the current workload or schedule of Artist. Commissioners will be notified in these instances.

During this time, the commissioner(s) will receive updates with current art (e.g. sketches, line-art, colored art, etc) in order to assure quality. At this time, it is expected to have mistakes or errors pointed out so that they may be fixed.

For art trades (assuming they are being accepted at the time)

Either party may approach the other. It is expected that both sides will provide similar content (e.g. SFW for SFW, NSFW for NSFW). Artistic quality is not necessarily important.

Estimated product completion times will be provided to the other art trade party upon agreement, with most work completed within one to two weeks. This, however, is subject to change, dependent on the current workload or schedule of Artist. Furthermore, art trades rank below paid work (i.e. commissions, YCHs), and may therefore be pushed back if circumstances require it. Do not complain if this occurs.

Updates with art will not necessarily occur. In many cases, what you received is what you receive. Mistakes or errors will not necessarily be corrected.

Furthermore, failure to uphold the proposed art trade will result in the denial of future art trade requests.

For art provided for raffles, or other such free events

Completion times may be uncertain. Please allow for that.

For requests (and other free art not otherwise mentioned)

Proposals will be accepted or denied on a case-by-case basis, provided Artist is accepting non-paid art. Requests and other free art rank the lowest of all the art projects listed, and their completion dates are subject to sporadic changes based on the current workload or schedule of Artist. This may result in long waiting times of over a month. Complaints will result in the termination of the requested art project.

Artist does not owe non-paid art. As such, if the project is terminated, Artist is not obligated to offer compensation or recourse.

Furthermore, Artist retains the right to convert requests and other free art to create YCHs or other such projects that may result in monetary gain.

Refunds and Cancellation

Refunds are dependent on the completion of the art at the time of refund request or cancellation. As such, if the art is completed, a refund may not be provided. Should a refund be provided, it may not be immediate. Please allow time for any refunds to be received.


tl;dr – Just be a reasonable person, all right?